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Bailey Mulholland is a 12-year old, seventh grade student at J.R. Gerritts Middle School in Kimberly, WI. Winner of a state-level Illustrator's Award entered through the Delta Kappa Gamma, Bailey was chosen to illustrate Grandpa Isn't Grandpa Anymore by Toni Durben because Mrs. Durben was impressed with Ms. Mulholland's talent.

In addition to illustrating various projects, Bailey enjoys reading, writing, acting, art, horses, and horseback riding, animals, the outdoors and also learning about history, different languages, countries and cultures. She corresponds regularly with friends from Austria, Russia, and Czechoslovakia. Ms. Mulholland extends thanks to all the art and other important teachers in and out of school for helping her develop her skills and Toni, for the opportunity to illustrate Grandpa Isn't Grandpa Anymore.


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